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Freeform Dance Center

Be FREE In Your Creativity and Molded Into An Artist

At Freeform Dance Center our purpose is to expose each student's individuality. Creativity opens doors to opportunity and expands the art of dance. Creating an environment for students to learn the techniques while enjoying the craft is our biggest goal. Our classes nurture, inspire and motivate dancers to find their own unique artistry and self-expression through movement. Get in touch to learn more.

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Dance Class

They dance because it's freeing...they dance because they can.

Meet the dancers behind Freeform Dance Center

Home: About Us

Our Classes

We provide a list of classes that includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, to make sure there's an ideal option for you. Have a look at our classes below.



Ballet is the foundation of dance developing dancers in strength, coordination, flexibility, and grace. Our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets personal attention while keeping the class collaborative and fun.  In this class dancers learn body positions, leaps and turns that are used in many genres of dance. 


Modern & Contemporary

Whether you’re looking to learn new methods or develop existing skills, this class provides both. This class is based on where athleticism and artistry meet. We focus on these elements of dance as it helps open your mind and body to the uniqueness of every move.


Hip Hop

A structured form of street dance, often found in the latest  music videos and Tik Toks that requires high energy, strength and style. Hip-hip dance increases coordination, strength, quickness,  and endurance.


Jazz is a technical form of dance done to rhythmic music that combines ballet technique with strength, flexibility, personality and style.

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Creative Movement

A developmental class for tages 3 to 5 that uses the basics of ballet, jazz, tap and creative movement to develop coordination, body awareness and rhythm. In this class, dancers will be exposed to the different genres of dance in a creative and fun way. This class incorporates many "sing along" songs and other playful activities, as this age learns best when they are having fun!

Studio Location
622 W. Main St.
Arlington, TX 76010

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