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Modern & Contemporary

Whether you’re looking to learn new methods or develop existing skills, this class provides both. This class is based on where athleticism and artistry meet. We focus on these elements of dance as it helps open your mind and body to the uniqueness of every move.


Ballet is the foundation of dance developing dancers in strength, coordination, flexibility, and grace. Our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets personal attention while keeping the class collaborative and fun.  In this class dancers learn body positions, leaps and turns that are used in many genres of dance. 


Hip Hop

A structured form of street dance, often found in the latest music videos and Tik Toks that requires high energy, strength and style. Hip-hip dance increases coordination, strength, quickness,  and endurance.



Jazz is a technical form of dance done to rhythmic music that combines ballet technique with strength, flexibility, personality and style.


Creative Movement

A developmental class for ages 3 to 5 that uses the basics of ballet, jazz, tap and creative movement to develop coordination, body awareness and rhythm. In this class, dancers will be exposed to the different genres of dance in a creative and fun way. This class incorporates many "sing-along" songs and other playful activities, as this age learns best when they are having fun!


Adult Classes

Looking to have some fun through a great form of exercise, we have a class that’s right for you. Our Steps N Stillettos class provides a completely open space to learn new choreography and skills. In this class, we build confidence and encourage each dancer to own the dance floor.

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